Tuesday, August 23, 2016




Today 3:37 AM


This is to officially inform you about the latest RESOLVED by the Board of Directors in respect to your (UNCLAIMED) Inheritance; Lotto won which have been in our custody for a long period till date. We learnt that you were asked to pay some certain amount in order to receive your (FUNDS) of which you could not then, due to one reason or
the other. Now Western Union (Department) here is offering you a (SPECIAL BONUS COMPENSATION) to help you in receiving your total (FUNDS) in our custody. In other words, we now need a fee of ($97) only from you for RE-NEW AND RECONFIRMING FEE YOUR OLD PAYMENT FILE which was expired to enable you start receiving your (OUTSTANDING UNCLAIMED FUNDS) left in our custody.

Meanwhile, this is the last opportunity for you to receive your (FUNDS) and you are advised for your best interest to comply
immediately with this resolution in which will lead you starting receiving your funds ($4,000) per day 2x1, totaling (USD$3.7m).Note that after (4-DAYS) of this notice and you fail to make the renewal payment as required, then we will convert the funds to Government account as the law stipulates here that will result to a cancellation of your payment.

Also Note that after (1-weeks) of this notice, we shall enter for a new project for the year and that is our reason for offering you this help, so do not fail to comply. You are hereby advised to contact the paying officer as directed and
send your details as stated below and also pay the ($97) immediately, so that we can key in your payment in our PAYMENT DATA BASE to enable you to start receiving your payment from today or latest tomorrow.

After the payment of ($97) you will start receiving your money every day ($4,000 X 2) either through Western Union or Money Gram, bank to bank transfer preferably by you ($8,000) until the full payment of (USD$3.7m) Is completed. The total sum you will be receiving per day is ($8,000) in two payment($4,000 X 2) and, SO YOU SHOULD NOT BE ASK FOR DEDUCTION because this payment has been gazette by the Presidency and as such, no deduction or addition can be imposed on it.

Contact the managing director with your personal identification code
(ST709D) and Send your Contact information's provide error sending to
wrong person;
(1) Receivers full Name---
(2) Country and Address----
(3) Direct Tel---
(4) Attach of your ID or driving license---

Contact Person: Mr.CHARLES HAGAN,
Emails: officefill332@gmail.com

Please make sure you reply to them direct email contact below:
(officefill332@gmail.com) okay.

He will direct you with further information where to send the fee
($97) I repeat do not border to reply if you were unable to pay the
Isa William...
Ecowas Payment Center
Note: if you found in spam/Junk please mark as inbox.

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