Tuesday, August 23, 2016



Office of Us Customs Border protection Patrol
Ronald Reagan Building, New York
From The Desk of: Ronald D. Vitiello
Chief of the Border Patrol

Attention: Beneficiary

I am pleased to inform you that your consignment box worth of Ten Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$10.7m) sent from Nigeria as part of your overdue payment/funds was returned to our office last week from Atlanta, Georgia where it was held due to one unavailable document. According to the information reaching my desk today, The consignment box was returned due to your failure to pay the necessary charges required by the delivery company to enable it pass through the security agency.

However, After due investigation was conducted, I found out that your consignment box was stopped unnecessarily. Georgia office told us that your consignment box has no INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT that was why you were told to pay huge amount of money which you did not pay. But after further investigation, it was very clear that your consignment box has the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT attached to it therefore you will no longer pay the money you were asked to pay then. Now the only money you are required to pay is billed for UNITED STATE CUSTOMS SERVICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to clear your file so that you can receive your consignment box without further delays. Note that the UNITED STATE CUSTOMS SERVICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE and send it to you.Kindly reconfirm.

{1} Your full name:
{2} Full Address:
{3} Personal telephone number:
{4} Occupation:
{5} Country:
{6} Your international passport or any id card if any:

So that your consignment box will be dispatched to your preferred address immediately without any delay. Be rest assured that your consignment box will be dispatched to the address you provided as soon as possible. Secondly, be rest assured that there will be no delay on your consignment box delivery in your name by the UNITED STATE CUSTOMS SERVICE AUTHORITY. Email: (borderprotectionpa2016@yandex.com)

Awaiting your timely response with the above stated details.


Supervisor Manager
For: Airport Shuttle Keeper

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