Friday, September 2, 2016

Re: Contract Project; Anglo American Platinum Business Introduction

Smith Dean

Director Project Implementation
Anglo American Platinum South Africa

Dear Sir/Madam


I am Mr. Smith Dean, Director Project Implementation with Anglo American Platinum in South Africa and a member of the Contract Tenders Board (CTB) of the above corporation.

Your esteemed address was reliably introduced to me at the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry in my search for a reliable individual/company who can handle a strictly confidential transaction, which involves the transfer of a reasonable sum of money to a foreign account. The amount of money involved is US$43, 000, 000, 00 (Forty Three Million United States Dollars) only.

This money has already been extracted from various contracts awarded by this corporation, as a result of over-invoicing masterminded by the concerned officials involved, this has been drafted to represent the final payment for a contract that has been executed to this corporation some years back. The money is now floating in the suspense account of one of the Financial Institution which I will disclose to you later awaiting for claim by any foreign partner which status we now want you to resume.

Now is the optimum period to consummate this fund, following the directive of President Republic of South Africa (Jacob Zuma) to all ministries to settle all outstanding debts owed to both local and foreign contractors? In my last meeting with the Officials involved, it was unanimously agreed that 40% of the total sum will be given to you, 50% will be for us while 10% will be used to reimburse the expenses that will be incurred in the processing of this transfer by you and I after the deal is concluded.

I assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free as we have concluded every arrangement to protect the interest of everyone involved, Likewise all modalities for the successful transfer of this fund have been worked out with Department of Finance and the Financial institution to facilitate the remittance of this fund to your designated account within 120 hours after your claim has been approved.

However, I would want to believe that you are honest enough and will not raise any misgiving attitude in any aspect of the transaction, more importantly, that you will keep this transaction very confidential so as not to tarnish the confidence reposed on these officials by the Government of South Africa. If this proposal is of interest to you, then kindly contact me via my email address first before we open oral communication.

Please treat this information as confidential.

Best Regards
Mr. Smith Dean

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