Wednesday, May 25, 2016


DATE: 09th May, 2016.
From: Miss. Bianca Buhle Kyla/ Mr. Simon Adams
Tel:+27-71 840 1998/ +27-60 419 9301

Dear Friend,

With due respect, trust and humility, I write this letter to you in-respective of the fact that you do not previously know me. My name is Miss. Bianca Buhle Kyla and my colleagues Mr. Simon Adams, We are all an Accountant and presently working with one of the prime banks in South Africa for over 18 years now with various experience.

We have carried out research into a dormant account of a deceased client at the financial institute where we presently audit its accounts here in South Africa, of which with our records the client has no heirs. The account has a significant amount of money in it. An account is judged to be dormant if there has been no activity in it or no contact with the client for 15 years. Normally, account holders lose contact due to death without leaving a will and there's no known heir to inherit. The treasury department receives the unclaimed money unless a previously unknown distant relative puts a claim on it, which is usually within a limited time frame.

The South Africa Treasury Department receives over Five Billion Rand every year from unclaimed estates, forgotten funds, abandoned shares and dormant accounts, some of it could be ours if we can work together as we can provide all relevant documents and information. We could present you as the next of kin to deceased, as laid out in section 46 of the Administration of Estates Act of 1925 (with subsequent amendments) if you agree to work with us.

We will need to enter into an agreement with you, which will cover the disbursement aspect of funds. Furthermore, you will have to sign a consent form that gives the lawyer power of attorney to represent you at the probate office (for the Procurement of the Grant of Probate). The amount in question currently stands at US$26,000,000.00 (Twenty-Six Million United States Dollars only). At the closure of this transaction, 30% of the total funds will be yours, 60% for us and 10% will be set aside for expenses that might be incurred during the course of the transaction. So, if you would like to team up with us discreetly to secure these funds for ourselves, please contact us via our private email address: and also call us on telephone: +27-71 840 1998/ +27-60 419 9301.
We await your careful considered answer, as this is once in a life time opportunity.


Miss. Bianca Buhle Kyle
(On behalf of colleagues)

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