Saturday, May 21, 2016


Mr. Samuel Donkor (

Hello Friend,

Sorry, I have to contact you through this medium because of my busy schedule at work.
I am Mr. Sameul Donkor, a banker in Ghana. I have been working with one of the commercial banks for so many years .
I used to have a personal client who was a gold miner who died of a terminal illness many years back.

I was his fund manager and he confided in me that he had no child or next of kin .Unfortunately,he died some years ago and up til now the fund has been abandoned and unclaimed.

Recently, the bank has decided to pay off all abandoned claim based on the auditors recommendation so I was asked, if I have any details of anyone who should be in position to inherit this money since he was my personal customer. I told them to give me some time and I will get back to them.This is because I am the only personal manager to the deceased and they knew I had a long time relationship with him before he left our country and died.

I want to process in and submit your information on my data base as the only person deemed fit to receive the inheritance and once you handle the claim and receive the money, we can disburse it 50% for you for providing the account and logistics including activation of the dormant fund ,40% for me because I will do the underground work perfectly to ensure there are no risk, the remaining 10% we can donate to charity because the gentleman was a lover of charity.If you can handle this,,please send me your id,full names,address and telephone so that I can tell you what to do more.There are no risk.Please, write me via my personal email:


Mr. Samuel Donkor.
Tel:+ 233 54384 4605.

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