Monday, April 18, 2016


From: James

From: James B.C FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, 26 Federal Plaza, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10278-0004, GREETING, this email is from USA email department of Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Washington, DC. We believe you received the previous message we sent to you prior for your dealings with U.S Custom Authority at (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport New York as our regards to you over the contract payment in a consignment Trunk Box worth of $8,000.000.00 (Eight million dollars only) which was endorsers in your favour, like we stated earlier we have dully screened through this project as it stipulated on our protocols of operation and we have finally confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all illegal which you have the lawful right to claim your fund without any further delay. I, Mr. James B. Comey Jr. Director FBI is hereby announcing to you that your $8Million was received at JFK airport for long time ago in order to be sure of the owner before we contact you. And very necessary fees or charges has been paid by government of benin republic, country origin which accepted $75 for Custom Clearance Certificate (CCC), but a Lady Mrs. Jane Frederick appeared and come up with unknown information forwarded to my office and claiming that you are the one who sent her to claim your fund worth of $8Million as your next of king representative. Is that truly that you send her? Did you order her to pay $75 for (CCC)? And also be informed that we had an agreement with U.S Custom Authority at (JFK) John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport NYC that you will send $75 latest tomorrow morning. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR DETAILS ABOUT YOUR $8MILLION, Please contact FBI Director= James Brien Comey Jr direct at his private contact Address below: 26 Federal Plaza, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10278-0004 Name: MR.JAMES B. COMEY JR. (FBI Director General). Email:, Phone :( 205) 2121-652, While contacting FBI Director=James Brien Comey Jr direct at his private ( PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR CORRECT CURRENT FULL INFORMATION TO AVOID ANY MISTAKE OR WRONG DELIVERING. YOUR FULL NAME _____ YOUR MOBILE NO _____ HOME ADDRESS _____ COUNTRY NAME _____ YOUR CITY _____ AGE _______ GENDER _______ Thanks and have a nice day. Yours in service, FBI Email Department.

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