Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Mrs.Tan K.C (

Good day,

Please I got your contact through an extensive search i did for a charity purpose, I want to entrust a donation to you for charitable project to handle on my behalf, I am diagnosed of Cancer 24months ago before the death of my late husband by assassin, and soon i will be undergoing surgical operation in due time which i pray to survive, and i want the philanthropist work which my late husband have been doing to continue, but because of my health condition i will not be able to carry out the work myself that is why i am willing to hand it over to you to do with the sum of $12,520,000.00 USD, to create shelter for widowers, less privilege and poor people in your community. I have earlier informed my lawyer about my decision Willing the money to you for Charitable purpose ONLY.

If you are interested sincerely, kindly contact my lawyer Mr. Ratha via E-Mail Address: and call his Cellular phone number: +855 888218033., ensure that you write my lawyer with my reference. SrA35/673/79gf/679.

Thanks for your understanding. Be blessed.

Yours Respectfully,
Mrs. Tan K.C

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