Monday, November 16, 2015 (

Dear friend,
Greetings to you and your family.

I am Mrs. Nicole B Marois, A widow to and I am 55 years old, suffering from pancreatic cancer, My condition is really bad and it is quite obvious that I will not live more than one week according to my doctors but I strongly believe in God and not the doctors and if it is the will of God that I will die, then so shall it be.

Nevertheless I am willing to donate the sum of $2,100,000 million US dollars for you to help widows and the less privileged in the rural and urban areas and to carry out charity works, my promise to God Almighty is to help the poor people and I hope you have the kind of heart and ability to help others that is of needs, if so please do not hesitate to indicate your interest to me.

I wait to see your response.

My regards,
Mrs. Nicole B Marois.

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