Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Help Me Support City of Hope!‏

S Ahmad on behalf of City of Hope (

RS Ahmad

Dear Sir,

Re: Funds To You For Charity Work.

I write to request your full co-operation in a high yield business transaction to raise funds to assist persons in need, the sick and the homeless. I hope to work with you in this transaction to use my position as an auditor and the facilities at my disposal to move funds to your account for onward sharing as follows.

When we conclude the transaction, your share will be 30% of the funds and I will take 30% while you invest 20% in real estate or any viable business joint venture you may recommend in your country. 20% goes to this charity because giving is living. We have to do the business transaction first and get the money and then we give to this charity from the money.

If this is clear and possible with you, then treat as urgent and reply with your contact details.

Rostam S. Ahmad.

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