Monday, May 27, 2013

№7-69-0-8: vacancy.‏

Orli Coffey (

Hello !

I'm a head-manager of our Human Resources Dep..
I reviewed your CV, selected it among others and would like to say that our organization is currently seeking highly motivated, energetic self-starters to work as a Team and Project transportation Assistant. This management position includes directly supervising activities related to project assessment and planning, to receive and send client’s purchases worldwide through the different delivery services directly to specified address.

We are looking for self-motivated, over 21 years old persons with permanent US address, clean police record and good credit history.

• Work location:
distant home based

• Type of Position:
Part-time, salaried monthly plus commissions up to $2,250

• Applicant must have:
- Permanent address
- PC connected to internet
- Mobile phone
- Printer

! If you think that you are a best fit for our organization please contact us by pressing button “reply”. Me or another manager will guide you through the application procedure.

!! If you prefer us to disregard you for this position, or you received this Email by mistake, just do not reply during the next 4 days and your contact will be removed from our records permanently, and no further offers will be made.

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