Sunday, January 27, 2013

Your fund will no longer be transferred through western union

Management of Western Union.

Hello dear customer,

On behalf of the management of entire Western Union Office here, i write to inform you that after the general meeting held on this January, we concluded with the federal authority that your fund will no longer be transferred through western union means of sending money worldwide. This issue was investigate and addressed by the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Governing Board of Central Bank  because of the  unnecessary delay of your payment. It was further noticed that your funds has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of some banks and other government officials as well as some Western Union agents in this country. Currently your payment has been recommended and approved by the federal authority that an official ATM will be delivered to you within 72 hours.

We therefore agreed with the federal authority that your total fund of five million United States Dollars ($5,000,000.00USD) will be upload in office ATM card because it will also take much time to transfer the huge amount by western union. This lead to the agreement that you will be sent an ATM card with the value of five million United States Dollars ($5,000,000.00USD). It will also put a stop on hopeless situation created by those officials who claimed to be in charge of your fund. Your fund is now credited in  ATM card in your favor and deactivated for security reasons. 

The federal authority in their view to making the delivery of your ATM successful, appointed Skye bank ATM director Mr. Shegun Akintomi to take charge of the transaction. He is the only director in charge of your fund now, you are advised now to stop any further communication with other offices including western union. Western Union is no longer in charge of your fund, if you receive any mail telling you to contact western western union, kindly know that it's a fake and it will be treated as fraud mail. It does not, they also order some secret security to monitor him until you receive your ATM card and withdraw all your funds.

Contact Mr. Shegun Akintomi now  Email:(,  office line: +2348125986905.

Management of Western Union.

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