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Dr. Mrs. Ada millia Ahmed (

Hello , I saw your  profile and decided to contact you over this deal to know if your company can handle huge sum of fund for investment in your country.
More About me.  My name is Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia Ahmed Bin  Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Retire General Ahmed Diko Bin, who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. ,My late Husband was Financial adviser and business associate with Mr.Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi that deals in Crude Oil lifting, Gold Dust/Bars situated in Tripoli-Libya. I was married with 6 kids,two boys and four girl.I lost my two daughters during Libya War last year. it was a terribly situation for me and my Family Right now in the desert.
Right now I am  looking for a trustworthy and reliable person who will assist to receive huge sum  in your country for investment.  What I want is for an investor who can assist to receive and secure the amount in your country for proper investment of the fund.
I was supposed to find a sponsor and partner from Venezuela and move the money and gold to my dear country Venezuela but you need no education of our present administration under the reign of his excellency president Mr. Hugo Chavez I hope you will agree with me
that he is the most wicked president the country has ever produced as a nation. He likes to be the man on top and he very much hates competition. With this sum of money coupled with the gold invested in the country, he will see me as a possible opposition and will do anything within his power to confiscate the fund. He will dig very dip to know the origin of the fund and if he digs dip enough, am afraid that he may dig out something and if he does, there will be trouble as he will reveal the truth to not only Libya but to the whole world. And that the last possibilities I want to hear.
Once I receive your mail indicating your genuine interest to partner with me in all honesty and trust, I will then furnish you further on how we can bring in the said amount that has been moved out of Libya completely country to your country, Again you must make sure you keep this confidentiality that this requires including the picture must be kept a top secret, as the new government in Libya is now clamping down on all the associates of late President Muamar Gaddafi  currently i am on hiding but will let you know where i am as we progress genuinely.
Lastly, I must inform you that internet is not the right place to communicate over this deal but as situation warrant. So in this effect, I will be glad if a meeting will be scheduled to enable us have a face to face discussion.
Sincerely speaking,I understood the reason why people finds it difficult in trusting strangers in this wicked world we are living. But in this case, transparent,honesty and truthfulness  is my watch world and I cant wait to prove to you the authenticity of this deal.I believe in practical  demonstrations. By this, I mean that you should make yourself available  so that you will see everything with your own eyes. Not by mail or by phone.
Best Regards,
Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia
check the link to get my complete information and photos for you to know wheom you are dealing with over this offer.
Your indication of interest to this great opportunity proposal shall be highly appreciated as I will be glad to receie your response and answer to my email as below,
1...Do you have the Financial Ability to help us handle the huge fund?
Can your company handle the sum of $40Million to $240Million USD?
The fund will be transferred bit by bit into your account if you are ready and capable to handle it.?
2.. Do your account have the ability to accommodate the fund?
3.. The fund is completely out of Libya  and will communicate to you where the fund was lodged presently upon your response?
4.. What is your nationality?
5.. What is your position in your work?
6.. What area of investment do you think this amount will be invested?
7.. Have you received money overseas before?
8.. What is your full name
9.. What is your phone and  mobile.
10..Do you know or have idea of Gold Bar and Dust?
11.. Do you know any buyer who can travel down to where the Gold is lodged to enable him see, pick up sample straight to the refinery to confirm the purity before discussing on the affordable price to be given.
12.. The quantity is valued  250 Gold Dust Kilos and 125 Kilos Gold Bar which was moulded in A kilos each.
Commodity: Unrefined Gold (AU)
Form:      Metal Bars And Dust Form
Purity   : Ninety One Point Sixty-Six Percent (91.66%) plus,unrefined (Gold Dust)
More Info: Non Hallmarked Refined Gold at 99,99% (Gold Bar)
13. Finally, I want to know more about you?
14. I will send my complete information and identity in my next message along with my family  as well.

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