Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Dear Beloved,

It’s been quite long since we heard from each other. Betrayal they say is the willful slaughter of hope. I have betrayed you my friend from the moment you responded to that email I sent to you some time ago, from that moment you accepted that wining parcel notice and then you sent me your name, address phone and account details. From that moment I choose to betray you when you choose to trust me. I diverted the funds to myself. I am so sorry that you have lost a lot of money to claim this prize. Presently I write from my sick bed, because my Doctor had just informed me that I have very limited days to live.Due to the cancerous ailment which is fast eaten me up, please accept the sum of Four Million pounds sterling (4,000,000.00 Million Great Britain Pounds Sterling) Compensation as atonement for my sin against you. Do inform my lawyer Barrister Ferrnando Jorge ( about my intentions, just inform him that you are contacting him under instruction from Code: PORTE92 he will honor my WILL and pay you within Fourth eight hours. 

Forgive me this is all I ask for. My spirit will be uplifted once you get this compensation. My lawyer shall be awaiting your response.


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