Saturday, April 14, 2012

United Nation Poverty Alleviation Programme 2012‏


United Nations has deposited the sum of $10,500,000.00 USD to western
union, which is to be shared among you and other 7 email users.
You are entitled to $1,500,000.00 USD in the on-going united nations
poverty alleviation program. Do send your Name,Address & Phone Number:to
the western union payment center via email ( )
to apply for your payment.

Or call Mrs Franca Lee @+60164872136 for more inquiries on
the abovemessage.SPECIAL NOTICE: All E-mail response should be sent to the
following email address for confirmation and payment

Yours truly,
Mr. Jim Burch
Western Union Money Transfer Event Manager.


  1. somebody tried to call me from my phone but i missed to answer and he sent a message that my mobile number won 500,000 USD and an email address to whom i can claim.

  2. I too got this SMS on 9 th oct 2012.

  3. Mr.Jim Burch
    Western union money transfer event manager
    Mrs.Franca Lee@+60164872136
    Dear sir/madam,
    I am with Name:Adambarage Charles Wimal Lalith De Alwis, Address:No;299,Galle Road,Gorakana,Moratuwa,Sri Lanka
    Phone Number:My HSDPA MODEM OF DIALOG SRI LANKA Mobile number to which 500,000US DOLLARS win has been awarded by MR.Anthony Hill at E-mail: is 0779710213.
    According to you I am now entitle for 1,500,000USDollars.kindly deposit that money to my savings account no.0360-02029858-101 of MR.A.C.W.L.DE ALWIS at SEYLAN BANK KALUTARA BRANCH of address:338,Main street(Galle Road),Kalutara,Kalutara District,western province,Tel:034-2225035-7,Fax:034-2223033, ,contact branch manager Mr.Ganganath Indrapala by phone or e-mail or by fax and they have WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER FACILITIES.
    My SRI-LANKAN ID NO:633300577v issued on 2007-05-11 and SRI-LANKAN Passport No.N1740673 issued on 30/08/2006.
    My Date of Birth 25th of November 1963 of age 49 years.
    These information were submitted Mr.Jake Manchester of Reserve Bank of India at foreign remittance department in Mumbai India if he collect and pay to the given account of mine.
    My mobile phone no.077 2690659 for sms messages,
    Thanking Your's
    reliabally faith full
    A.C.Wimal Lalith De Alwis

  4. I also received this message. what is this i cant understand. somebody tell me clearly what am i supposed to do?????

  5. Prabath, it's just a scam. You will definitely get cheated if you continue the process with them. The best thing to do is, go to police in your country and complain that someone sent me this SMS, and give police the phone number which the SMS was sent. Police can follow the people by checking the towers and catch them. In my country if it happened, for sure they will get caught by the police.

    Anyway, just remember, those are a group of organised criminals. Nowadays organised criminals are coming to us in many different ways, and trying to win our heart until they can stab easily. When the got a chance at the easiest time, they will definitely stab. That's it.

  6. i also received this message Today, absolutely i do not understand what is this, and what kind of people are they? I plan to report them Police!