Wednesday, April 13, 2011



DHL Nigeria Head Office
70 International Airport Road
Mafoluku, Lagos
Tel.: +234-812-348-3243
Mr. Lord Ruben

You may think that we are scamming you but that was a typical lie this is real and no one will ever scam you form this DHL and get away with it.

I want to give you some tracking listed for other people who have received their own ATM CARD through our service and right now they are all enjoying it with no complain check this tracking listed by typing then put 1(2896411641) 2 (2896411652) 3 (2896412061) (2897840175) if you must want to talk to any of this people who have already received their own CARD I will provide you their contact details to verify form them if this is real or not.

Re-confirm your valid address, phone number and your name and again call for your tracking number.

Send your delivery charges through Western Union or Money Gram any one of your choice to this information.

Receiver Name---------OSEJI KINGSLEY
Country---------------------Lagos Nigeria
Test Question------------In God
Test Answer--------------We Trust
Amount to send is $200

After sending the fee you are required to forward us the following information.

senders name:
senders address:
phone number:

I would advice you to go ahead and pay your delivery charges and receive your ATM MASTER CARD in less than 72 hours and began to enjoy your life like other who have received their own note that if we don't hear form you until 21 working days your ATM CARD will be cancel and the fund will be transferred back to the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA AS UNCLAIMED FUND.

Thanks and Godbless
Mr. Lord Ruben
Tel.: +234-812-348-3243

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  1. Lord Ruben has een n my life for a year and a half. He was lovng to me inhis letter and was spposedly abandoned by his company from Lagos. I saw to all his needs with the idea we would meet start a life ogether. He always neeed money. I am poor now and live off befifits and yet I would not ay my bills ad send him the money instead. H hade convinced he loved me and was bringig me 1.5 mil dollars.Now I plan to hunt him down like a beast gone mad,chew him up,spit up his bones to the dogs and burn the rest. When I find him I will have a weapon at his groin. T